Advanced Technology. Custom Solutions.

It doesn't matter the programming task, Techiom can complete it. With over 50 collective years of technology development logged with our team- we have one phrase to quantify the talent of our developers. "If you can dream it, we can build it".
Areas Techiom Dominates:

  • Custom Web Portals.
  • Application Integration (API).
  • CRM (Customer Relations Manager)
  • SMS to Web Technology
  • Advanced Custom Content Management.
  • Ecommerce and Payment Systems.
  • Real-time Chat
  • Load Balancing Network Traffic

Challenge Our Team

Techiom can solve a crucial problem every business has, regardless of niche. Challenge our genius developers with a task, they are here to help you:

  • Solve Difficult Technical Challenges.
  • Create Custom Interactive Designs.
  • Innovate Complex Web Development.
  • Speed Up Your Website or Code.
  • Lower Employee Wages By Streamlining.
  • Fast Forward Your Business Into 2022.

Full Service Really Means We Do It All.

Techiom is a company you can trust with your ideas. We help turn them into reality. Services we include on every contract are:

  • Strategy.
  • Design.
  • Development.
  • Maintenance.
  • Server Setup.
  • Web Hosting.

Awesome Design & Great Technology

Techiom uses the latest web standards and design trends to give your company or idea the real presentation it deserves.

Results Beyond Your Expectation

Stop paying people for promises. Pay for results and get your business or idea on track.

Fully Responsive

As the world becomes more and more mobile, every custom solution will look great on all desktop and mobile sizes.

Clean Code

If you think another team can do better, take the solution started somewhere else, their developers will be happy to work on enterprise level code.

Clean Design

The latest design trends mixed with the classics, produces quality every single time. You will not find a single client unhappy with their solution.

Our Process Is Simple, It Really Works

01 Assess Your Needs

A project manager will do a call with you and find out exactly what you need to succeed.

02 Plan With Team

Techiom will assess your needs and give you a quotation on your custom solution.

03 Build Solution

After approval, we get to work. Thousands of lines of code, dozens of pages and designs will be worked on to meet your needs.

04 Launch Solution

The perfect solution will be launched and monitored with your project manager to ensure success.

WOW!!! We saved over $50,000 a MONTH in labor by letting Techiom streamline our intake process. Our agents do less work they hate, and do more work they love!

Big AlCEO - Rose

We needed a custom chat interface that allowed hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections. Techiom built it in 30 days and we use it every single day. Absolutely Fantastic!

Mr. SimonsManager - USFC

I sell thousands and thousands of leads in different niches every week. Techiom built me a custom CRM that is perfect. I saved money by paying extra for a custom solution.


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